Euromillones Loteria International

On the 28th of December my girlfriend received a letter from the Euromillones Loteria International
Below is a copy of the letter sent

How do I know this is a scam?

  • Firstly the letter is not directly addressed to my girlfriend, and she has never entered any lottery.
  • Secondly all of the logos on the letter have been scanned into the computer.
  • Thirdly the letter heading, is that word art with a drop shadow? On an official letter?
  • Fourthly, why would the winning participant have to give 10% of their winnings to Global Fortune Security S.A.?
  • Fifthly, don’t even get me started on the “claim form”!

I’m not sure what to do with this now, do I send the “claim form” back with fake details, or just tick the box asking to be paid by a certified cheque?

The letter asks for the “award” to be kept away from public notice until the claim has been processed and the money “remitted to your nominated account”

So what better place to announce that my girlfriend has won €615,810 (six hundred and fifteen thousand eight hundred and ten euros only) shared among seventeen (17) international winners with 10% taken off, than my blog!

That’s €32,601.71 (thirty two thousand six hundred and one euros and seventy one cents) or £23,940.91 (twenty three thousand nine hundred and forty pounds and ninety one pence)

WooHoo! We’re in the money! Lol!

Until the next scam,
Stay safe!

Update! One of the commenter’s, Nick, has set up a Facebook group, if you would like to join its called I’ve received a letter from Euromillones Loteria International.

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  1. Hi – I just received one today. I thought that it was hilarious! I was told that I won 3,800,000 euros. (wow)
    Atleast I got a good laugh at that

  2. Hi Yvette,
    Thanks for dropping by and sharing your experience.

    Its good to know, in a rather sad way, that its not just happing to me, but also to others from around the world.

    Enjoy the rest of your day, and do drop in again.

  3. I received one of these letters and was asked to contact Pacific Security & Parcel Services to arrange payment.
    The fuzzy barcode on the bottom of the form made me very suspicious.
    I checked their website but when I tried to e-mail their customer services my messages bounced back.
    I received a phone call claiming to be the Madrid Branch of Sander bank, but as they asked me for money in advance, my suspicions were confirmed.
    Naturally I have not paid them anything!

  4. Letter arrived today for my Mum saying that she’d won �615,810 in this lottery. Minor problem – she’s been dead for 4 years!

    Might give them a call just for the fun of it!

  5. Hi Ant, I had a similar letter (but not exactly the same) in November. Think it’s a scam to get people to send their bank details. Anyone would be a fool to fill out the form and send it back!!!

  6. Hi H,
    There must be some stupid people that fill in their details and send it off, otherwise why do they continue to send out these letters?

    Its nice to hear from you, I hope you drop by again.

  7. i just received a letter that says i just won 915,790.00 USD
    in a lottery that i have never heard of and i never bought a lottery ticket.what a scam!who in the hell would believed such a for the guys out there watch out!!!!

  8. My wife today received the exact letter you have featured above. I feel like asking a friend of mine in Madrid to look up the address (Calle Cordoba No. 21, Planta 2) just out of curiosity. Anyone thinking of giving them a call…don’t. It is a mobile (all Spanish mobiles begin with 6) and it will cost you a small fortune. Sadly some people must take the bait. Will they ever learn?

  9. i had one yesterday,i was all but nearly convinced untill i read it twice but i only won £815,960, i was nearl in the money

  10. I got one today for 985,950 euros. Frankly i’m gutted that Yvette Thomas won 4 times as much as me, I don’t even do well in scams.

  11. Had one of these awful things today addressed to my father who died last year. He had alzhiemhers for 3 years and was in a home so i Know there was no way he had bought any lottery ticket. A few years ago he was bombarded with letters from all over the world saying he had one money and to send �5 or �10 to go to the next stage. I was’nt aware he had been responding to these until he was unable to take care of his own affairs. He had sent well over �400 to various prize draws over the years and because he had responded he started getting over 20 letters a week sometimes. Even now to this day we still have the odd one drop on the mat.
    So please everyone don’t take any notice of these stupid dangerous scams. Sadly its the older people who have’nt got computors who are targets and won’t get to read these warnings.

  12. Boy o boy am I in the money �715,810 and all for doing nothing. I think I can afford to pop over to Madrid to pay them a visit. Maybe they will buy me lunch! Hang on there is no such thing as a free lunch!!!!
    Someone phone Watchdog.

  13. Hi, Just got my letter this morning. I’ve won 715,810.00 Euros. Just think of all the things I could do with that money. My friend has also received a letter and thought it was real and that her parents had purchased this ticket while on holiday. How else would they have her address? Thankfully I stoped her making the call. thanks for starting this site.

  14. Hi,

    Thanks for opening this website. However, you will all be gutted to know I won a staggering 1 million euros from Loterias Y Apuestas Del Estado. What a smashing bunch; I never even brought a lottery ticket yet here I am laying on a lilo in my huge kidney shaped swimming pool with water fountain feature, sipping cocktails, waiting for my girlfriend to return from another huge shopping trip at Harrods and my lottery cheque to arrive in the post to pay off the bank loan !!

    It’s a shame people can actually live there lives robbing those naive enough to believe that nobody in this world could be so cruel with such a scam. I hope these daylight robbers rot in hell or die a slow painful death. Don’t fall for it! take care.

  15. Hiya
    I too have just received THE letter informing me of my 818,950.00 euro win.
    Didn’t for one minute fall for it, but still checked it out on the internet just incase.
    Just read all your messages and as Nicky O said thank god for this website…!!

  16. i too have just received a letter informing me of my win of 815960.00 euro win . did phone to see and they will want you to send money before transfer of money .told them i had none of the �700 they want to transfer so they will try and ask how much you can afford and will pay the difference (what nice people)not.but they will phone you back just a nice way of knowing they have just spent a fortune on international calls.

  17. Guess what? You can’t have won because I have! Tempting to put the letter in the bin but I wonder if there is anyone investigating this particular fraud? Do I send the letter to ‘Watchdog’, the police or the real Euromillions lottery people? Presumably they do make money from people who do respond or the postage alone would cost a fortune!

  18. @Caroline
    I email the National Lottery about the letter my girlfriend received, and they gave me links to two websites, and
    From the National Lottery web page I clicked on the useful websites link at the bottom of the page. This page gives a couple of websites that you could visit to report the letter to.
    From the National Lottery’s useful websites page I emailed Fraudwatch International
    So far I haven’t heard anything back from them!

    Let us know how you got on.

    Thanks, Anthony

  19. I got one of these letters today (9th April 2008). What a big joke. The nerve of these people to think that anyone would gave out there information just like that. Thanks to this site I got confirmation that this is really a scam.
    Just to let you all know that I am from San Fernando, Trinidad & Tobago, West Indies.

    Thanks, Sharaz

  20. I got one of these letters by royal mail today (10th April 2008). I check this joke on internet. This is crime matter. Next monday I’m going to the police. That’s all.

  21. Got mine today, 9th May, I have 815,950 euros insured in a Spanish bank. How many different company names can they have in one letter.
    Thanks Dirk W, the phone no. starts with a 6, good warning.
    My lucky numbers were 07-15-25-31-34-46, maybe I’ll try these in tonights draw to see how lucky they are.

  22. thatis unbeleivable by some twist of fate i have won the exact same amount as Karen with the axact same numbers

    what ajoke

  23. I got one today. I’ve won 615,810.00 EUROS. I hate these letters so much, they make me angry. We’ve had about 6 in the last few days. I’ve been thinking about doing something back, like sending them something horrible, but I’m guessing the postal addresses are fake and they get the details from faxing. It would be interesting to track these letters back to the sender somehow. I might start a Facebook group and try and get lots of people together.

  24. I also got one today. Apparently I have won 631,360 Euros. I have to admit, my heart was pounding when I first read it, but decided it must be a scam, as, I`d never entered Euro Lottery, & glad I checked out internet.

  25. My husband got one on the 9th of May. The letter was dated the 5th but mailed already on the 3rd!! My how the mail flies from Spain to Canada in 5 days!!! He won the standard 685,810.00 Euro, identical to an amount won by someone in 2006. Europeans don’t use commas when separating large amounts!!
    If you’re going to work a scam, please make it professional and error free.

  26. My husband got one of those letters you all writing about yesterday. He was so happy..because we are in the middle of a divorce: he can have all the ‘money’ now!! Yes!! I can’t have the half of a scam anyway.

  27. had a great letter this morning telling me again that i had won a share of 12.1 million euros which is great news coz its the second time in 4 years that i have won this! the letters had been sent to 2 different addresses how lucky am i? maybe its coz the first prize was unclaimed!!! i might fone from the work fone to have a laugh!!

  28. My mother and I have received such letters today. We have not purchased any tickets for Euromillions from this agency which uses acourier delivery service for sending prizes and expects winners to forfeit ten percent of their prizes to their delivery agent. If agents act on behalf of this body they should receive opayment from the agency not from the customer I have completed their form with the idea of transferring the funds to my bank account but will not send it This agency which represents nobody will not be given my bank account details. Esta agencia es Senor Superscammeo No merece recibir nada.

  29. Hi people,

    I got one today, I was surprised how could I win a lottery that I never participated. Wow! a lot of money and for what? I don’t need it let them donate it to any organization of their choice.One more thing, let them not forget to pay the 10% percent to whoever. Hallow guys go on and donate; I have authorised you to do so.

    Thanks for sharing your experiences people, you are teaching many innocent people out here.

    God bless you and continue giving the shouts.

    I am in Norway.

  30. my mother recently recieved this letter
    she was very keen to reply but i wasnt so sure
    i took one look at the letter and knew it was rubbish
    i begged her to let me look it up on the net first
    and thank god i did
    they’d already asked her for a �1,500 fee
    and her bank details
    its really awful that their doing this

  31. I received a scam today as well, apparently I have won 615,810 euros, funny a few people seem to win exactly the same amount, I hope they rot- the rotters

  32. i received this letter today n thank god it was me that this letter was sent to n not my mother. if it was her who received the letter, she’ll probably fell for it. anyway, thanks to this site so everybody can share their experience regarding this matter….

  33. I have just received notification of my extraordinary lottery win. Have notified the police and have been instructed to give the original to the Post Office Investigation unit. Whihc is what I have done. The feel good factor lasted for about 10 seconds before sanity clicked in.

  34. just got back from holiday in Spain! torecieve notification om big win. Letter said it was international promotion programm conducted once a year. I have entered european lotteries in the past so was plausable, no money asked for up front but not willing to give bank details on form so made phone call and knew it was a scam as soon as I spoke to Dr. John Lopez. He sounds african and asked me to phone back next day when I did’nt he phoned me and said he had Cheque from bank and I should send Money gram for �950. for courier and insurance he then made a mistake changing amount to �850 before end of call also forgot to ask me to fax form or about payment of agency fee which has gone down to 5%! They don’t seem very good at carrying out scam! but as they keep on some people must fall for it.

  35. i to got one saying that i have one �12,168,770,00 my pulse was racing i thought good one them i saw the bit with my bank and said to my self no no no my late husband always said you dont get anything for nowt how true he was sue xxxxxxxxxx

  36. I got mine this morning. Handwritten envelope and genuine stamp. Just got back from Spain and wondered if the other half had bought a ticket. Ever the pessimist, and not wanting to wait ’till she got home tonight, I thought I’d check the ‘net. Glad I did. Andy UK

  37. Hi all i recived tody 15/7/2008 that i will be rich man hehhehe i live in brasil e never visit spinsh and i call this peaple paying internacional calling fuck him but how they get our adress the name and the adress i know credit card ????????????

  38. I received one dated 15 July 08. I am wondering how come I don’t need to buy a ticket but I won EURO615,810. Most importantly, why the Loteria have my address!!! Except the letter, i always received emails saying the similar things!! BTW, I am in Hong Kong!!!!

  39. I just received one of these letters today. As with the others on this site, I don’t know how they got my address. Luckily I have more sense than to respond but I guess they manage to dupe some poor people otherwise they wouldn’t send out the letters. (I’m in the UK.)

  40. I have today received very similar letter from Carlos Fernandez, Vice President of Euromillones Loteria International, it was addressed to my business, not to me personally. I have never bought a Spanish lottery ticket, so will not be giving my bank details to Perfect Global Security Company S L in Spain. If I had won Euros 615,810 in the lottery I would claim direct and not via a third party! I wonder what is the point of this scam – once the so-called Security Company have your bank details are they somehow able to syphon funds from it?

  41. Received a letter in today’s post from Carl Santos, Vice President of Loteria Nacional. Apparently I’ve won 935,470 Euros. I think not! Have joined the facebook group.

  42. Hi i have just received a letter from this gang same thing just different names do not contact these as all calls are at premium rates and you will loose funds from you bank account the police have all information and wish for all letters and emails to be notified to them. hope this is of some use to you all out there.

  43. Hi guys, i got my letter today and i just dont get it.. ive won 816,000.00EURO in the andalucia sweepstake. could be plausable. just have to fax bank details. have a spare acc with no money in it, so was goin to use that. its an acc i opened as a teen and theres no overdraft allowed on it. if i fax details i jst cant see how i could be had. guaranteed i dont have to pay anything. replys and advice needed plz.

  44. Very poor layout and paper, I’ve won 615,810 euros.
    Recived 16/08/08 posted from Almeria spain 11/08/08
    How do they get your details?

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