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Euromillones Loteria International

On the 28th of December my girlfriend received a letter from the Euromillones Loteria International
Below is a copy of the letter sent

How do I know this is a scam?

  • Firstly the letter is not directly addressed to my
6:15 PM on Sat Dec 29 2007
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Xmas over for another year!

Christmas was alright! I didn’t get up until about 10, and then mum had to go out, so we didn’t get to open our presents till after dinner

This is what I got this year:

  • Clothes: Jeans; tee-shirt; and a
1:52 PM on Wed Dec 26 2007
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Its Nearly Christmas!

This time next week it’ll be Boxing day, and Christmas itself will be over for another year!

The past week has been quite busy at work, the warehouse has been in a complete and utter state, and still is!
We …

9:25 PM on Wed Dec 19 2007
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Second Christmas Meal

Tonight is my second Christmas meal, the first was last night which was the Grocery meal, tonight is the Warehouse/GM meal.

The meal last night was alright, they give out big portions of meat! And then I piled on the …

6:46 PM on Sun Dec 9 2007
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Its December Already!

Its been two weeks since my last post, so whats been happening?

For a start I managed to get search working on Linux Links, so thats all well and good

I have also added a couple of other features …

6:48 PM on Sun Dec 2 2007
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