RSSread released!

My latest pet project, RSSread, has been released, though it is still being worked on.

RSSread has been incorporated into my homepage.
So this post and any new ones will also be shown on my homepage.

All of this has been done by reading the XML file which is produced by my blog, this means that any RSS feeds can be read by my script, as long as they are XML files.
The script can be configured in a number of different ways which can be found on the example page
It is actually only the example page which is still being worked on, but because this file is being included in the zip file, I have not yet properly released RSSread.

I will post more details in a few days time when I have finished the example page

Still Here…Just!

Christmas is only a few days away now, Ive only just finished Christmas shopping

As I’m typing this up there is the sound of sellotape being unwound from the roll and wrapped two or three times around some ones or others present(s).

The lack of updates has been partly due to the fact that I am spending so much time at work and other projects, like the infamous new project, and IMfriends which is still in alpha testing, and probably won’t ever see the light of day.

Today/tomorrow/Friday (depending on your view of things) will be rammed at work as it is payday, and there is still two days of Christmas shopping days left.

Roll on May… 😉


My Image Gallery viewing script has been lying stagnant for a couple of weeks now.
But the past two days I have been working on javascript to load the galleries.xml file and then parse it and store the data into arrays.

This is the second U-turn I have done on this project, the first, was that I wouldn’t load the file with javascript and to have the page refresh when the view changes, and know I have the javascript working, which is what I am now keeping it as!

This sudden flurry of activity is still only on the admin panel, but hopefully when I have this finished then I can start work on the actual script.

First Blog

I am Anthony Rogers, I am 20 years old, even though I don’t look it!

I have a website hosted at
I have had this site for the past two to three years and keep on updating it infrequently.

At the moment I am working on an image gallery script with its own admin area.
I started this project for use in the Photo Section on my website, but I will release it for general use.

My dad and I went to the The Swan Inns 1st Beer Festival. We paid £5 for a ticket, which got us a commemorative 1/2 pint beer mug. A further £10 brought us four beer tokens each.
On offer was around 20 different beers from around the UK, plus a couple of ciders, in total there was 24 different beers.
The four beers that I tried was: Gem, Autumnal, Dark Island, and Abbot Ale;
The four beers that dad tried was: Roaring Meg, Wicked Witch, Old Bob, and Piddle in the Wind

Thats all for now!