Christmas is getting ever nearer!

Its true, honest!

I had my Christmas meal at work today. It’s free, and the managers bring the food over to your table.
I had my first chestnuts, they were mixed up with the over cooked sprouts!
For afters I had Christmas pudding with, I think, cream, or it could of been brandy sauce!
Then they came round with a tray of mince pies, from the extra special range, of course!

I didn’t do any shopping on Monday, as my sister was working, and I still don’t have a clue as to what to get anyone for Christmas!

On a brighter note, I’ve nearly completed the Christmas theme, I just need to finish the images.
Until then, I have updated the style, so you can all have a look at the new Christmas colours
I also have an idea for something special over the twelve days of Christmas 😉

Bye for now


I’ve nearly got a Sunday off!
For the first time in a couple of months, I am only going into work for the afternoon, and that is for home shopping.
But now that we have a few more drivers, this should be the last time I am on home shopping for a little while.
I’m not holding my breath! But hopefully from tomorrow I will not be asked in on my days off to cover home shopping, or to go out in the vans during my shift.

This is day three of December, and the decorations are going to be put up 10 days early! They are normally put up twelve days before Christmas, but this year mum has decided that she wants to get into the Christmas spirit before her works Christmas party.

Next week I’m going for my department Christmas party, its up at the Swan Inn in Tockington, at the same place we went to last year.

Lets see what I can do to make my website more Christmassy 😉

Bye for now

December already!

Arrrrgggghhhhh! Its December already, and I have not done one itsy-bitsy bit of Christmas shopping!

I’m trying to bribe my sister to go up the mall with me on Monday, but she has work that day, so I’ll only be shopping in the afternoon.

The problem is, I don’t know what to get anyone, and I don’t know what I want for Christmas either!
I’m going to have to think of something though, otherwise I will just end up with money, socks, chocolate, and more smellies.

I wouldn’t mind the chocolates, I get some every year anyway, and I always need more smellies!
But socks!

I suppose I’ll just settle for the money!

In other news, all this week I have been working in the health and beauty and baby warehouse, keeping the area tidy, and working some of the stock, especially the Christmas gifts.
Every night when I go home its looking nice and tidy, with gaps where cages used to be, but when I get in, there is normally a pallet or two with a couple of items on them and several more cages scattered around left over from nights.

So far this week I have only been on home shopping twice!
On Wednesday I went out with a possible new driver, I drove out and drove around for half of the round, then for the second half we swapped seats. We were doing the Potishead/Clevedon round.

On Thursday I went out with another new driver, this time I was the passenger, and just helped him carrying the shopping to the customers door.

I know I’m on home shopping on Sunday afternoon, but I’m sure I will be on home shopping again either today or tomorrow.

Until next time,
Bye for now

Linux Rulez…

Cool, its boxing day, and I have managed to make a Christmas present work on Linux with no frustration, and I have setup two other things that I have been putting off for a while.

First to the Christmas present, its a USB 2 8 in 1 card reader/writer with a slot for SD cards, just what I wanted!
Reading the pdf manual on the CD tells me that on Mac OS 10.3 and higher just needs plugging in. One deep breath and its plugged in, check dmesg and it has been recognised.
Plug in the SD card, its put in upside-down (weird!) and a new icon appears on my desktop.
It has been automatically mounted under /mnt/removable
All my files are there. Whoohoo 🙂

The second success is finally getting DVD playback.
I was Stumbling around the web when I came across I’ve already got the player installed, it just didn’t want to play DVDs!
A quick google for libdvdcss, a download of the rpm and its installed
I have now watched the first five minutes of both “The Italian Job” (original) and “Johnny English”

The third and final success is the installation of the Belkin bluetooth adapter that I brought when I brought my PDA, 3 years ago!
I plugged it in, the little blue light stared to flash, and I downloaded BlueZ and managed to scan and make a short, but successful connaction with my PDA.
I also managed to find the computer with the PDA

All that and I still managed to cook dinner!

Still Here…Just!

Christmas is only a few days away now, Ive only just finished Christmas shopping

As I’m typing this up there is the sound of sellotape being unwound from the roll and wrapped two or three times around some ones or others present(s).

The lack of updates has been partly due to the fact that I am spending so much time at work and other projects, like the infamous new project, and IMfriends which is still in alpha testing, and probably won’t ever see the light of day.

Today/tomorrow/Friday (depending on your view of things) will be rammed at work as it is payday, and there is still two days of Christmas shopping days left.

Roll on May… 😉