New Domain

I have finally taken the plunge!
I have ordered a domain name and webhosting from lycos at a cost of £5 a month which is about £70 a year including VAT

I will be able to manage my account within the next 24-48 hours, and the domain registration checks take between 1-5 days.

The domain name that I am using is (how’d you guess 😉 )

See ya

2 New Site Styles

The introduction of the new website layout was so that I could get rid of the old table based layout and introduce a more flexible, standards compliant layout that would hopefully work in as many browsers as possible.
But with the influence of NoZen I decided to create several different CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) style sheets

I have created two new styles, but I have yet to incorporate them into the websites structure

The screen shot below shows the first style which has two separate menu bars
One for the main menu, which is located at the top of the page, and the second is the submenu bar which is located below the page heading

The screen shot below shows the second style which moves the main menu, and submenu bar to the left side of the screen.
The page header and the section title have also been switched, so that the page header is below the section title.
The colours of the site is different to the ones that i normally use

This style was inspired by i summon one kim – Kimmo Suominen

Spammed Guestbook

Since March my guest book has been getting a lot of spam entries, but things came to a head during the past two weeks with up to 10 spam enties a day.

I have now dramatically changed the format of the guest book and have added a new “spambook” table in the mysql database.
I have also changed the form so that the guest book details are sent using the POST method instead of GET.
Any new posts that meet a few certain criteria are now put into the spambook table with the IP address and the user agent of the browser that is being used.

The new guest book has now been in operation for two-three day and has already collected 20 spam entries in the new table.
From these “entries” i have learnt that the spammers use a different IP address every time they post a new entry, even if they are within minutes of the last one. They are also using the same browser:

Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 6.0; Windows NT 5.1)

They have also set the country that they come from as “Other”, even though i don’t have an option for “Other”

Until the spammers realise that their “entries” are not being submited, my guest book should remain spam free for the time being

First Blog

I am Anthony Rogers, I am 20 years old, even though I don’t look it!

I have a website hosted at
I have had this site for the past two to three years and keep on updating it infrequently.

At the moment I am working on an image gallery script with its own admin area.
I started this project for use in the Photo Section on my website, but I will release it for general use.

My dad and I went to the The Swan Inns 1st Beer Festival. We paid £5 for a ticket, which got us a commemorative 1/2 pint beer mug. A further £10 brought us four beer tokens each.
On offer was around 20 different beers from around the UK, plus a couple of ciders, in total there was 24 different beers.
The four beers that I tried was: Gem, Autumnal, Dark Island, and Abbot Ale;
The four beers that dad tried was: Roaring Meg, Wicked Witch, Old Bob, and Piddle in the Wind

Thats all for now!