Destroying Kitchens!

Oh what fun the past week has been as we have been ripping out the old kitchen from our new house! We have done a little bit of decorating, and my car is ill! Read on for more tales of woe!
9:54 PM on Jul 4 2009
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We’ve got a house!!

For the past month me and my girlfriend have been in the process of buying a house. Yesterday (Thursday 18th June) we collected the keys to the house! Read on for more details...
8:39 PM on Jun 19 2009
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The bit the Haynes manual forgot to mention…

Yesterday I was trying to work on my car replacing the clutch cable, the Haynes manual made it sound so easy. These are the bits the Haynes manual forgot to mention!
9:26 AM on May 6 2009

Comment by roganty: Thanks Tom I suppose it didn't help that I was doing in the evening, I called it a day at half …


I’ve just started doing some research into my family and finding out where I am from!

Ok, I have only just started, so I’ve got my mum, dad and sister so far!

I thought I’d start by following my dad’s …

10:15 AM on Apr 19 2009
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Where have I been?

To be honest, there hasn’t been much happening!
Apart from the fact building work has begun in the part of the garden we sold last year.

It is now day 32, and it doesn’t look much different to what it …

12:37 PM on Mar 19 2009
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