Shameless Plug

This is a shameless plug for two other websites that I have running under the domain.

The first is and is my development website where I place my scripts and programs for download.

The second is Linux Links and I just launched it today. It is where I will place links for the Linux OS, and I will place my own thoughts and experiences of using Linux.

New site style

This is just a quick post to say that there is a new style available on my website.
It is called Boxes (click to view style) and uses the same style that i have used on other sites and projects


This option is no longer available!

Style Sheet Switcher

I have implemented a style sheet switcher called UDASSS into my website
What this little gem does is set a cookie so that when the style sheet is changed all of the other pages use the same style sheet.

The change only happens when the alternate style is chosen from the Change Style page

On one of the alternate styles, there is a couple of areas that don’t have styles, but I am working on them, and will update the style sheets when I have finished.

This feature is no longer available!

Muliple Style Sheets

If you are reading this on my homepage using Firefox, well done!
Go to the “View” menu then select “Page Styles”, you can then choose a style for my site.
Its not yet permanent, as it resets to default every time you move to a new page.

If your reading my blog and you thought WTF!? Then calm down, just go to my website at and everything will be explained.
I am using RSSread on my homepage and the previous three posts from my/this blog is displayed on the homepage

RSSread released!

My latest pet project, RSSread, has been released, though it is still being worked on.

RSSread has been incorporated into my homepage.
So this post and any new ones will also be shown on my homepage.

All of this has been done by reading the XML file which is produced by my blog, this means that any RSS feeds can be read by my script, as long as they are XML files.
The script can be configured in a number of different ways which can be found on the example page
It is actually only the example page which is still being worked on, but because this file is being included in the zip file, I have not yet properly released RSSread.

I will post more details in a few days time when I have finished the example page