Ive just brought number 958 from

When i brought the number there was about 330 numbers sold, the last time i looked on the site the number brought had gone up to about 425.
When i first came across the site about 2/3 days ago only 75 had been sold.

I’m not sure where to hang it yet. I’ll just have to wait till i have got it before hanging it up!
I’ll post some pictures when i receive it

Lesson #17

Went up to Cribbs Causeway and drove around doing about 4 or 5 circuits of the roads around the mall practicing roundabouts.

Then we went to the Tesco in Redland to practice bay parking.
I got it right first time (again!)
My Instructor said that I was the only one of his students to get bay parking right every time.

I’m so good….Yay!

Theory test friday…woohoo! (sarcastic!)
Im still practicing my theory, and hazard.
I know i will do good on the theory, im just not so sure about my hazard

Any way…
Next update friday

Happy Birthday to Me…21 Today

Well, its my 21st birthday today.

I am typing this sitting in my new executive chair, with my new digital camera charging on top of the printer, I’m drinking a cold Larger left over from Christmas and my new t-shirts (4 of them) are in a pile on the bed.
I also got a road atlas of the UK, six cards and £45.

Going out for a meal with the family later tonight

See ya!