We’ve got a house!!

For the past month me and my girlfriend have been in the process of buying a house.

Yesterday (Thursday 18th June) we collected the keys to the house!

It has been an up-and-down journey. Thinking: “Will we get it?”, “Are we doing the right thing?”

It started off pretty fast, with instructing the solicitor, arranging a mortgage, getting quotes for all of the insurances that we will need, and the survey.

Then it seemed to go dead.

Then suddenly, more paperwork to sign! Followed by the exchange of contracts, and a rough estimate as to when it will all complete.

Then on Thursday I got a phone call from the solicitors saying they had the money from the mortgage company, do we want to complete today?

Two hours later, we were told it was all done, and we could pick the keys up!

We are now the proud owners of a 1960’s mid-terraced three-bed house in Lawrence Weston!

We are hoping to move in around the start of July.

More details and pictures to follow…

The bit the Haynes manual forgot to mention…

Yesterday I was trying to work on my car replacing the clutch cable, the Haynes manual made it sound so easy

8 To refit the cable, thread it through from the engine compartment, place it over the self-adjusting cam, and connect the inner cable end to the quadrant. […]
9 Refit the inner cable guide to the top of the pedal.

Easier said then done, luckily I tied some string to the end of the old one so I could just pull the new one through.
Now, try doing that when you are led across both front seats with your head and shoulders cramped into the foot well.
Oh yeah, you are also upside-down resting on your neck, and you have your hands weaving their way through pedals and other bits of car designed to get in your way!

10 Working in the engine compartment, slip the other end of the cable through the bellhousing bracket, and connect the inner cable to the release fork […]

Yep, done! Only its down there, and you need hands as small as a childs to get to it, and fingers as strong as a professional finger weightlifter!

11 Depress the clutch pedal to draw the outer cable into its locating hole in the bulkhead, ensuring it locates properly. At the same time, the inner cable guide will be automatically pulled onto the top of the pedal to hold the inner cable in position.

Only the outer cable doesn’t move! The self-adjusting cam doesn’t lock, so the quadrant springs back and the end of the cable springs free.

Back to step 9!

Oh what fun!!


I’ve just started doing some research into my family and finding out where I am from!

Ok, I have only just started, so I’ve got my mum, dad and sister so far!

I thought I’d start by following my dad’s side of the family.
I’ve got some information on my granddad, it helps that he’s still alive! Lol!
I just need more information on his late wife, parents and family.

For now I will only concentrate on my dad’s side, but I will at least get my great-grand-parents on my mum’s side!

Where have I been?

To be honest, there hasn’t been much happening!
Apart from the fact building work has begun in the part of the garden we sold last year.

It is now day 32, and it doesn’t look much different to what it did last week.

At the moment there is two people on site, and they seem to be doing some work, probably building up the level of the base ready for the flooring, but there is a six foot wall up stopping us from seeing what’s going on!

To get a better view we need to go along the road at the top, I’ll try that on Sunday when no one is on site and get some photo’s uploaded to Flickr.

On Sunday I went karting at SupaKart in Newport with a few mates from work. We raced in the mini endurance, which was a 10 minute qualifying race followed by a half hour non stop race.

I went out onto the track in 9th place, got placed 6th on the grid after qualifying, and finished the race 5th.

There is no photo’s as we were all racing, but there is a video of the podium on Facebook though.

It’s Snow Gone Now!

What weird weather we’ve been having! When we were forecast the worst snow for 18 years I was thinking, “Yeah right, it’ll all be gone in a day!”

It started snowing heavily Monday lunch time, and it was quite thick by the evening when we built a snowman in the back garden. There was a fine dusting of snow during that night, and by Wednesday it was all gone!

During Wednesday night it snowed again! And again Thursday night! Some places had up to a foot of snow!

Driving Thursday and Friday was hazardous, as no roads had been gritted, but the motorways had been ploughed.
There was also a lot of fuss about low grit and salt levels, with supplies in Bristol, South Gloucester, and BANES not having enough grit to grit all the roads, with reports that the supplies wouldn’t last till Monday!
It got so desperate that South Gloucester council had to use table salt instead of rock salt to grit the roads with!

Friday was the worst day of all, as the snow just settled on top of the snow left over from Wednesday night.
Friday was also the worst day for school closures, as all schools in South Gloucester and BANES were closed, as were most schools in Bristol.

During Saturday the snow stayed around, and conditions were icy.

Today (Sunday) it has been raining most of the day which has cleared all but the thickest deposits of ice and snow from the roads, but the forecast is for more snow for either tonight or Monday night.

I have posted some photos on Flickr, but I do have a few more to upload which I will do in the next couple of days.

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