An Update

Well, its July 7, one year after the London bombing. I unfortunately missed the two minutes silence at noon.

In other news mum and my sister went off on their holidays on Saturday (1st July) leaving just me and dad on our own.
That weekend and Monday and Tuesday were hot, with the temperature reaching 30C (about 86F).
I have my computer lying on its side with the (other) side off just to get some cool air circulating. On Monday I had a fan pointing at it, and when I moved the fan away it froze. Since, I haven’t had any problems with it freezing.

Wednesday it was drizzling, and during the night it absolutely pissed down. During Thursday it was raining in the morning, and by the evening it was beginning to dry out.
The ford in Henbury was flooded, and nearly went up to the entrance of Crow Lane.
The bottom deck of the bus got flooded out.

On Sunday evening I drove on my own for the first time!
I went down to Clevedon via the A370 to Congresbury, then the B3133 to Clevedon.
I came back by the motorway.

I think that is all

I PASSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sorry about that, I got carried away!

I got six minors, its not brilliant, but it is a pass, and much better than what i got on my mock (a fail with 11 minors and one serious).

The day didn’t start out too well, as one of the rear indicators was broken, and my driving instructor drove away from the house, and found a garage on southmead road.

The two show me, tell me questions I had were, where is the brake fluid, and turn on the indicators.

I got no minors in the two manoeuvres, turn in the road, and left reverse.
a minor on control, gears, one on moving off safely, two for mirrors for change of direction, and one for change of speed, and one minor for use of speed.

WooHoo, time to get a car 😀

Lesson #17

Went up to Cribbs Causeway and drove around doing about 4 or 5 circuits of the roads around the mall practicing roundabouts.

Then we went to the Tesco in Redland to practice bay parking.
I got it right first time (again!)
My Instructor said that I was the only one of his students to get bay parking right every time.

I’m so good….Yay!

Theory test friday…woohoo! (sarcastic!)
Im still practicing my theory, and hazard.
I know i will do good on the theory, im just not so sure about my hazard

Any way…
Next update friday