Message in a Bottle

This weekend my dad lifted up the steps from where the greenhouse used to stand, and found a message in a bottle that I put there when the greenhouse was put up

Here is the message, reproduced with bad grammar and spelling mistakes!


My name is Anthony Rogers and I live(d) here with my sister (B****), mum (C******) and Dad (K**). I’m 13 years old and I have one Rat called Clover My sister has a pet Hampster called Harry.
I have had two other pets called Milky and Coco (Mice) and an adopted one called Hercules (also a mouse). My Sister and mum both have horses called Merlin and Chance (My sister has had two others called Brandy (2nd) Sox/Socks(1st).
I have brown eyes and dark brown hair and I was born 3rd May 1985.
When I’m older I plan to be an artist
Anthony Rogers

I didn’t write the year on the message, but from my calculations it looks to be from 1998.

The message was put inside a plastic wallet and then rolled up and secured with an elastic band. It was then put inside an old tomato ketchup bottle.
The metal lid had rusted, and the outside of the glass was cloudy, but the paper had survived with slight browning in a couple of places!

Now, what should I do with the message? Put a new one in the bottle and bury it again?

Has anyone noticed?

Lol if anyone is subscribed to my blog, then you may of recently received about 144 new emails from this blog.
That’s because when I imported all my posts in to my blog, I forgot to disable the Subscribe2 plugin!

Of course why!?
I have moved hosting, I am now no longer hosting my website and blog on Lycos webhosting, I have moved to Hostgator!

I was with Lycos for about six years, and three of them was using Tripod, Lycos free hosting!
I have been meaning to move hosts for a while now.

I have had no trouble with the service provided by Lycos, and the times I have had to contact their support I got quick answers!
But, there was some limitations with the way the server and PHP were setup.
For example, to get my blog working correctly I had to have two additional plugins. One of them changed the default compact WordPress rewrite rules to the verbose type.
And the second was to disable canonical redirects. The server was setting an incorrect $_SERVER[‘REQUEST_URI’] value, which sometimes caused some pages to time out with constant redirects.

I contacted their support staff and they said that they were unable to support a 3rd party product.
I installed their One Click Site install of WordPress, but it was version 2.3.2, which doesn’t suffer from the same problem. They told me that they had no plans to upgrade their version of WordPress.

I can’t remember where I heard about Hostgator, but so far its been good!
The control panel is a little confusing, but that’s only because I’m not used to it yet.
They allow you to have multiple databases, so I have separate databases for my blog, website, and linux-links.
I went with their baby package, which still works out cheaper than Lycos.

And the best bit!?
I have been able to ditch the two plugin’s, and all parts of my blog still work!
But I am still using Lycos to serve my domain’s from.