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Transfer of Domains

This past week I have been trying to transfer both of my domains away from Lycos and to a new provider. I found a new provider, OVH
2:54 AM on Wed Dec 17 2008
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Lycos Webhosting Being Closed

I got an email from Lycos Webhosting today saying that parts of Lycos would be liquidated, and the webhosting business would be one of them going.

I am so glad that I changed webhosting providers, but my only concern is …

8:52 PM on Thu Nov 27 2008
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Fireworks in the Rain

Ok, the rain’s falling harder now, but about an hour ago there was still firework’s being let off!


The rains stopped, and the fireworks have started up again! We’ve got two houses at the back of us letting them …

9:25 PM on Sat Nov 8 2008
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Message in a Bottle

This weekend my dad lifted up the steps from where the greenhouse used to stand, and found a message in a bottle that I put there when the greenhouse was put up

Here is the message, reproduced with bad grammar …

12:19 PM on Tue Oct 14 2008
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Has anyone noticed?

Lol if anyone is subscribed to my blog, then you may of recently received about 144 new emails from this blog.
That’s because when I imported all my posts in to my blog, I forgot to disable the Subscribe2 plugin!…

8:56 PM on Sun Oct 5 2008
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