Euromillones Loteria International

On the 28th of December my girlfriend received a letter from the Euromillones Loteria International
Below is a copy of the letter sent

How do I know this is a scam?

  • Firstly the letter is not directly addressed to my girlfriend, and she has never entered any lottery.
  • Secondly all of the logos on the letter have been scanned into the computer.
  • Thirdly the letter heading, is that word art with a drop shadow? On an official letter?
  • Fourthly, why would the winning participant have to give 10% of their winnings to Global Fortune Security S.A.?
  • Fifthly, don’t even get me started on the “claim form”!

I’m not sure what to do with this now, do I send the “claim form” back with fake details, or just tick the box asking to be paid by a certified cheque?

The letter asks for the “award” to be kept away from public notice until the claim has been processed and the money “remitted to your nominated account”

So what better place to announce that my girlfriend has won €615,810 (six hundred and fifteen thousand eight hundred and ten euros only) shared among seventeen (17) international winners with 10% taken off, than my blog!

That’s €32,601.71 (thirty two thousand six hundred and one euros and seventy one cents) or £23,940.91 (twenty three thousand nine hundred and forty pounds and ninety one pence)

WooHoo! We’re in the money! Lol!

Until the next scam,
Stay safe!

Update! One of the commenter’s, Nick, has set up a Facebook group, if you would like to join its called I’ve received a letter from Euromillones Loteria International.

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  1. My Mum received this letter dated 12th August 2008 post marked 14th August saying she’d won 615,810 on numbers 03, 11, 25, 32, 37 and 43. Thank you all for the heads up!

  2. hi guys!i’m from boyfriend also received this ‘great’ letter dated 25th july 2008.he was very shocked.huh.thought that he will be a rich man.but i’m very curios!!hey which company want to pay 915,790 euro huh?lets think bout it.then where they get the address?anyway,thank you for this blog.

  3. Dave, Tuesday 19th August
    Hi, just received my great news today �785,790 not bad when I didn’t buy a ticket. I guess some people reply oterwise these conmen would quit trying. About time the Spanish government did something about it.I live in Surrey U.K.and must admit my name and address on the letter was perfect!

  4. 28 August
    I got one of these letters today. I’m supposed to have won �,785790 the same as David Seagly above. In my letter the claims agent is CASCO GRUPO SEGURIDAD S.A The contact number also begins with a 6 .
    It all looks very plausible on first reading, so I guess some guys must fall for it.

  5. I’ve only won 615.810 euros. What a disappointment!!
    Im glad to find this site otherwise I would have been compelled to start one. How anyone can be taken in by these beats me; hand written envelope, cheap paper copies being asked for ALL my bank details… I don’t think so. Exact copy and tone of other people’s letters. You NEVER get something for nothing in this life… DON’T be taken in.

  6. thursday 4/9/08

    i have received one of these letters today and im very excited ive won 700,15810 euros i can now pay my morgage ha!
    just waiting for my cheque suppose i will still be sat here this time next year . oh well better go to work tommorow but think i will try my winning numbers on the euro lottery this week . ya never know do ya.

  7. I just received one of these….’Won’ Euro 915,810.00!
    I live in the UK
    I contacted the real Loterias y Apuentas del Estado and gave all the numbers and names to them…And the content of the letter…You never know; maybe the fraudsters can get caught at some stage, some how…But I’m not betting on it…

  8. Got one today saying I won 615, 810 Euros. Was fantasizing for about 1/2 hour as they weren’t asking for payment or anything up front. They did ask for bank and personal details if I wanted a certified bank draft. Glad for the internet and glad for my instincts. What happens when I am older and possibly senile (losing my memory at 40 yrs.)? Did anyone actually win anything? I’m in Ireland, anywhere to report this as fraud?

  9. Hi, I just received a letter today, and out of curiosity called the number, I gave them my name and address as i thought it could do no harm as they sent it by post they already have those details. They told me to call back between 5p.m and 5.30 p.m my time (ireland) and just when i was calling back my phone rang and it was the man i was first speaking with to tell me my claim was a success and the bank where the money is are calling me tomorrow.

    I thought it was a scam by asking for bank details but if you tick on the form to receive by cheque you don’t need to give them details.

    I know now i have been naive to even call, but just curious!!!

    Was i completely wrong to call even with those details???

    Where exactly can they claim my identity or money from the details i gave??

    I will see what the “bank” say tomorrow when they call!!!

    Any answers much appreciated.


  10. I am retired and living in the south of England and I, too, received a letter from Euromillones Loteria International, Avd Martin-May6,28009, Madrid, and signed by Ramos Martinez, saying I had won a 3rd category prize of 12,168,770.00 euros shared among the seventeen international winners in this category. I have to pay 10% of my winnings to my claims Agent after the fund
    gets to me. A second form (Univeral Security Company S.L, Ctr Perez Lisbona Zapata 9, 28903 Madrid), asks among other things, if I wish to be paid by Bank Transfer (details of Bank a/c needed) or cheque.

    As most people would ask to be paid by cheque I cannot see where they make their money but this must come later. Is it possible for any of these addresses to be checked upon and the Spanish police informed.

  11. here comes again dr. spanish, that is soo not true,but it was good to hear that i got chance to be a milloniar, haha,nvm scam try harder next time and see if i like it or not 😛

  12. I received the letter 2day. Different names and amounts but the same format. I am thinking up ways to spend the money already!!!!!!!!!

  13. Hi, my uncle of nearly 60yrs received one of these discusting letters today. I just knew that it couldn’t be real for a number of reasons: 1,He has never entered a lottery except an english one. 2,It is printed from a computer plus many other reasons, along with the reason, that I checked out all of these comments. I think this is discusting what so called human beings think they can get away with. I would go as far as saying this is inhumane.
    Can I add that there is a lighter side to this and that is, that we had spent the money on some fabulous things. Well we can dream can’t we?
    Please don’t fall for anything, nothing is free in this life except love.

  14. My wife received a letter from the Euromillions Loteria, it is the third one in two years. The previous one was more cleverly done. It was printed with a good quality printer on 100gm paper and had all the trademark of quality about it. The latest letter was printed on cheap paper with low a resolution printer and afterwards photocopied. The telephone number was different 0034635377932. this number is a premium mobile number. The total investment is about 0.65Euro. Keeping you on the phone for 1 minute will make the crook more than that. So don’t ring even if you are curious. No lottery will give you money if you haven’t paid for a ticket. No lottery will pay you money if you haven’t got prove of purchase. It is a scam. The only way to prevent people falling for it is by publishing the names of the companies, through websites like this one or similar, thanks, Reiner.

  15. this is just plain mena i thought i was really lucky an now i just found out it was a scam….
    i already sent them my details…what do i do about that ?????….

  16. Just received one of these letters – was highly suspicious so googled it and found all these comments! it’s an absolute joke. Whoever is doing this wasn’t even clever enough to get their dates right – date at top of letter is 16/10/08, but in bold type at the bottom it says money must be claimed by 10th October 2008, IDIOTS!

    Don’t fall for this, it’s obviously a scam. I’ve read on another website this should be reported to UK police – is this right? has anyone done this? were they even interested?


  17. got one of these also 815,960,00 euros ticket no 025-11-464-992-750 drew the lucky numbers 23-16-12-22-24-46 i phoned the number but the guy sounded african not spanish oh well the ferrari will have to go back

  18. Yes I’ve received one today & remember having received others & from other ‘companies’. They never got a penny out of me but aren’t they increasingly cunning & sophisticating their approach ?
    Good luck & thanks for the website organisers.

  19. October 2008
    I received on of these letters too, not asking for any money up front, I faxed an obsolete bank account details. Next day I received a phone call asking if I wanted to go and collect the money in person, I declined. Carl Santos, vice president of Loterias y Apuestas del Estado said the money would be transfered into my account that day.
    In my heart I knew it was a scam, but I really enjoyed feeling fortunate for a few days.
    I wish I could win something one day.

  20. WOW am i glad i checked this one out ha ha! Got the joyous letter this morning, so i’ve won near as damn it 1 million euros! Yeah right, thanks forthe great info guys 🙂

  21. Hooray Hooray I’m rich. My letter differs from the 1 shown but all the trade marks are there for a scam. Fuzzy Scanning, not real stamps etc. Also the big give away that I’ve never bought a ticket for this lottery. Looks like I’ll be sticking with the more traditional lottery and apologising to my boss and asking for my job back.

  22. Yes I got one today. The sad thing is that some people out there must be falling for it otherwise they would’nt be still doing it. Its an attack on the vulnerable, and people who don’t have the internet.
    Thanks for starting this website lets hope some people may check it out before sending in their bank details.
    You can’t win a lottery if you have not entered it!
    I have been to Spain recently and for 1 second I did think maybe I did buy a lotery ticket.
    its nice to know I’m not the only one
    Thanks everyone.

    Essex. uk

  23. Yesterday I was asked by an elderly friend to verify this Euromilolions scam for it’s authenticity, which of course it obviously it not! However the reason I am leaving this post is because of the elderly people that receive this sort of thing., It is they whom these scam artists prey upon! No let me rephrase that, because they are not artists at all, they are scum! What sort of human being would prey on a defenseless elderly person with something like this that plays on their hopes and dreams. Unlike many of us here that can get a laugh out of such a thing, these poor people are so desperate to fulfill their life’s dreams and ambitions that they want this to be real so very bad that it just consumes them! Since the elderly folks come from a time when the vast majority of people were honest and it was not common place to receives statements like this from –> ass#()!%$ <– like these people. The elderly can’t see as wella s your or Ipossble can either, so these official foorms can even appear to lbe the real thing to them. They have difficulty telling the differance between the real form they just were required to fill out for the Social Security income that they may need to survive, and this scam letter. If there is anything that we as a group of people could do to stop this or educate others about such a scam then to help protect the elderly is the one true gift that can come from this garbage and these posts we ae leaving. Thank you.

  24. Hiya I received a letter. Telling me that I won 785,510.00 euros,and I have to make a cliam by 29 nov 08. It is a very big scam. my adviceto anyone IS TO STAY CLEAR.

  25. Happy New Year 2009. Wow, aren,t we all lucky again … winning 615,810 Euros ….. when we never bought a ticket. This scam by new company name … Arcos Security Company S.L. with contact agent Dr. Martin Garcia …. (Doctor of Plonkers perhaps?) When will somebody shut these people away. How do they get our names and addresses? Even sent a letter with a real Sanish stamp on it …. usually some e-mail contact, but they must have got wise to BBC exposing e-mail loterry scams …. oh well, think I might contact fraud squad somewhere.

    Sue, Wales UK

  26. Version 2 (this time with correct spellings!)
    Happy New Year 2009. Wow, aren’t we all lucky again … winning 615,810 Euros ….. when we never bought a ticket. This scam by new company name … Arcos Security Company S.L. with contact agent Dr. Martin Garcia …. (Doctor of Plonkers perhaps?) When will somebody shut these people away. How do they get our names and addresses? Even sent a letter with a real Spanish stamp on it …. usually some e-mail contact, but they must have got wise to BBC exposing e-mail lottery scams …. oh well, think I might contact fraud squad somewhere.

    Sue, Wales UK

  27. I too have received one of these letters…fell for it for about one nanosecond!Knew it must be a scam, as they say, there’s no such thing as a free lunch, you’ve got to be in it to win it etc etc…Very glad I googled it and found all these messages.Thanks & take care everyone…

    Sharon x.

  28. Just received the good news today!addressed to my 85 year old father in law who doesn’t live at this address.The Agent is Ronda Security Company SL, Dr Dan Martinez.
    The credit crunch must have arrived because ONLY 5% goes to the agent!!!!
    Do not be fooled.
    I have just recycled the paper so it may serve a usefull purpose.

  29. Thank goodness for the power of the internet in exposing this uninvited benefit that will only benefit them and not us. I felt that the bait has increased (for me) as it is now Euro 915,810 with all the same “keep it secret” provisos by Don R Ramos (signatory). Only hope that this scam is exposed to prevent others being taken in. Well, at least the stamp will be used to increase our collection. Good luck guys and keep on telling the public

  30. Got one at last ..WOW.. I was resenting all my friends for getting letters but not me ..finally I got one but my letter was delivered by hand although it got a spanish stamp and a spanish post mark..strange ..someone here in the uk is helping them bastards in spain !!!!!!!!!!

  31. hi just got asked by a friend to check this out, i told him a while back (around 5 years ago about these scams) and asked him to contact me and i can check it out for him. he had just com back from spain which hotel did everyone stop in when they went over there. i checked the address out (28009 madrid, spain) and it comes back to a hotel in madrid the one he stayed at.
    could someone be passing peoples address’s on to these numptys

  32. Friday 30th January. Just got mine dated 26th January. Would you believe it, I also have “won” Euro 915,810.00. Being British maybe we should start a Euro “WINNERS CLUB”.
    Thanks for the web site. It has saved me from another heart attack.

  33. I’m in Fulham, London and a mature student. Just come in from my first day back at college to learn I’m a winner. I really did have 5 minutes of almost believing it. Found a good American website that put me right, but we need more UK ones as I almost fell for it and don’t think I’m an unusually gullible person!

    My wining company is El Gordo, the Vice President is Dr Juan Dumo (obviously short for Dumbo) and my agent who I will not be contacting is Dr Diego Sanchez. Funny how many Dr’s there are in the Spanish Lottery Dept. The last time I was in Spain was 8 years ago and I have never bought a lottery ticket there.

    It’s a nasty scam when we’re all skint. Send them all bad karma and hope they get caught out soon. Syd.

  34. Friday 6th Feb – I’ve also “apparently” won 915,810 euros.
    Needless to say, I will not be filling in the form asking for my bank details. The security company wanting my details is “Perfect Global Security Company” Spanish letter heading gives county as Spain and not Espana… loads of mistakes all the way through the letter. Nasty scam needs to be addressed by authorities. I wonder how many old people have fell for this scam and sent off their bank details. I am 70 and can use a computer to “google” situations like these but unfortunately a lot of old people can’t. No doubt this is why the scam continues because this is how it is being funded.

  35. Has anyone reported this already ? If not I will do it. As you guys say there are elderly gullible people out there who will respond to these people leaving themselves exposed !

  36. I just got mine but my win is pounds not euros £715,810. Company name of Pasific Seguros & Financier S.A. Have to contact a Diego Sanchez. Looks official to start with but when you look at it is poor quality photocopy. Good luck to anyone that actually gets the money

  37. hi liz here from ireland i just won €1,610,550,00 i might have believed it pity about the bad spelling on the letter itself.sounded strange when winterthur security & finances asked me to keep it privatr and not tell anybody about my win!!
    what ever
    liz from ireland

  38. Received today 27th May 2009 letter from Euromillones in same foremat as described above. Names changed to David Hernandez as Vice President and contact Mr Diego Sanchez 0034652243529. Letter posted in Lisbon. Same scam repeated. Look out!

  39. thanks guys there back at this year , great heads up about # 6 , It would ahve been nice lol
    I’m offf to somewere warm
    thanks guys & gals for the heads up

  40. Hi, just received one of these letters today addressed to my mother – who passed away recently. Oh, I thought, how she would have loved to have won such a huge some (apparently for 815.960.00 Euro)!! So, thought I’d have a look on the Net about this lot – and glad I did – thanks for your site. Pity some trusting older people might fall for this nonsense!

  41. my 87 year old father got one today. Again do not need to send any money, but does need to give account details.I suppose this is the scam.

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