Saw 4

You may remember last November I went to the cinema with a *special* friend from work to watch Saw 3, this year I went to the cinema to watch Saw 4 with my girlfriend!

Saw 4 starts off where Saw 3 finished, with Jigsaw being cut open in a pathologist lab. And a tape to the new game is found in his stomach.
But the end of Saw 4 finishes the same as the end of Saw 3!

At the start we see the body of one of the victims from the last film being discovered, the woman who had her chest ripped apart.
A new person is then part of the game, and goes around town saving people, and letting them save themselves.

Its all a very straight forward Saw movie.

But its the end, we see the end from the previous movie being shown again, that man finding his wife, the wife getting her head blown off, and Jigsaw and his accomplice dying.
Then one of the people from this films game, he must be the one that is going to carry on Jigsaws work, then shuts the man in the room.

Also in this film we get to see Jigsaw before he became Jigsaw, and how it all started!

This film is not as gory as the last film, but is a must see if you’ve watched the previous Saw films.

Thats it!
Happy Halloween

Fix for wordpress breaking mod_rewrite/friendly URLs

If you’ve just upgraded WordPress and find that when you browse your blog your web browser displays the following message

“the server is redirecting the request for this address in a way that will never complete.”

To fix this all you need to do is edit one file in the WordPress installation.

The problem is due to the canonical redirection functionality, it redirects incorrect permalinks to their correct ones.

To disable that functionality edit /wp-includes/canonical.php and comment out the last line:
[code]add_action(‘template_redirect’, ‘redirect_canonical’);[/code]
change to:
[code]//add_action(‘template_redirect’, ‘redirect_canonical’);[/code]

Here’s the post on the WordPress support forum that details the problem and solution

This post was at first intended as a note to myself, so that in the future when i update WordPress and find my blog does an infinite loop then I can quickly change it.
I then decided to keep the post open, so that others with the same problem can quickly search and fix it!

Changes to Website

I’ve just made a few changes to my website, and this crosses off another item from my to do list!

The changes I have made is to move the programs section to my development site

I have also combined the Javascript and the JS Games section into one
And I have updated my Site Map

The next thing I’m going to do is add the new Photo section, which will be separate from the About section

I think I have added a link to all of my sections in this single post!

Until the next time
See you

I’ve just got over a cold or the flu!

I woke up Friday morning afternoon at about 12:30, and I had a slight headache!

I made myself some eggybread for breakfast lunch
I then went back to sleep for another half an hour and woke up still with my headache.

I went out shopping with my girlfriend to asda and then the mall, and I just couldn’t stop shaking

I had an early night that night, honest, well nearly midnight is early! Lol!

I woke up this morning with a slight headache, but i wasn’t as bad as last nights, and I’ve had this headache all day now!

I’ve been on my computer all day, but I haven’t managed to make any of my planned updates to my website!
But I have added the SRG Clean Archives plugin to my blog.
I’m just going to post this entry and make sure that the changes I made to the plugin work before I let it loose!

Till next time
Stay well!

Edit: It works!