I’ve just washed my arms!

Thats it, I’m back!
I have been on and off overtime for the past month or two, but for that last two weeks, or at least since the 10th of April, I have been working every day!
Yes, I was even working on Easter Sunday!
But today was the last day, and I worked 11 and a half hours! I started at 8am and finished at 7:30pm

The reason, Stock take!

Yes, today was the last day, today we had to count the entire ambient warehouse, apart from the bits and pieces on the racking that was counted during that past couple of days.
That included all of the edible and non-ed cages, crisps, toilet rolls, drinks cages, euros, and a couple pallets of promo that came in delivery today!
Grocery had almost completly finished by about 6pm, that included health and beauty, and BWS, but not frozen, but it was close to completion!
And Grocery was the only department to finish first, just like a couple of years back when stock take was canceled due to the system being too slow, Grocery, or Ambient, was the only department to finish.

As I was dragging my tired ass out of the place the stock take team were preparing.

All nights have to do is work the new stock on delivery, then at 6am the stock takers can then start counting.

On Stock take Mondays nothing is worked, no updates to the system can be done, only tills are allowed to access the system!
We do not get the system back until about 6pm on Monday!

I was in the warehouse all day counting, and I’ve been home since about 8pm, but I’ve only just noticed that my forearms were filthy!