Boy was it windy today!

Unfortunately in work one of the main doors that the lorries are unloaded through was broken, it was broken by the wind some time last week.
This meant that the wind was coming through the warehouse through the grocery corridor and onto the shop floor.

In the corridor we have a rubbish cage (also know as: comp; roll-cage) where we put the cardboard from the shop floor before putting it into the compactor.
The wind was so strong that it was pushing against the cardboard in the cage and it was rolling onto the shop floor.

Later on in the evening the other main door was closed, but it got stuck down, the motor that winds it up burnt out or something like that!
I came back down after my break and the door was open, it had been fixed!
Usually it takes one to two days for someone to come out to fix the doors, but today someone came out and had fixed it within half an hour!

Other wind related stories:

Well thats about it!
Until next time

A Quiet Car

Ok, that is a bit of a weird title, but it does have a bit of a story to go with it, read on to hear a sad tale about a noisy little car…
Since not long after getting my car a loud noise started up.
My dad let one of his work mates have a listen to the noise and he said that it could be a wheel bearing.

So, the other day dad jacked up each front corner of the car and let the engine turn the wheel, the noise was coming from the left side.

On Saturday we went to the Renault dealers on Whitby Road and brought a new wheel bearing for £41.51

Dad fitted it that Saturday while I was working

I’m glad to say that my car is nice and quiet, the only sound I can hear is the tyres on the road, and when doing 70mph down the motorway the wind rushing past the car!

The silence is almost deafening!

I think that is it!
Till next time
Bye for now!

12 days later!

It is my sisters 19th birthday today, and this is the first post since I posted one on New Years!

So then, what has been happening in the last 12 days? Nothing much.
Today is the first day back after a four day break. I had Tuesday and Wednesday off as holiday, and I had Thursday off because I worked Sunday, and Monday is my usual day off anyway.

Umm, what else….
A happy birthday must go out to Tom, someone I know on MSN who lives in Australia, so happy 15th (? or is it 14th?) birthday.

Until next time,
See you!

Happy New Year

Happy new year everyone, and hope this year brings something new for you!

Well, here it is, yet another year finished, and a new one starting.
Before the new year resolutions, what did I get up to this new years night.
Mum and my sister went out, and my dad stayed in, and I invited my girlfriend over to stay for the night.
At midnight we looked out of the front windows and watched the fireworks.

A quick look at last years resolutions.
The only resolution that I stuck to was item number 5, learn to drive, I did and I am driving
I am trying my best with item number 1, and am turning up on time more than late!
As for item numbers 2 and 3, I have started more projects, and have yet to finish any of them!
I am (trying to) update my website and blog more often, item number 4
And item number 6 went straight out of the window! Thank you Scott for pointing that out at every opportunity!

Now then, lets get on with this years!

  1. Again, finish any projects I start, and complete any that I have started
  2. Update my website and blog more often

There is a couple more, but they are something that I would like to happen this year, but I don’t want to set them in stone. Not only that, but they will come back to haunt me, thank you Scott!

You will hear more from me this year.
Until then, Happy New Year