Saw 3

I went to the cinema on Monday to watch Saw III with a *special* friend from work.

I’m not very good at writing reviews, as I tend to just say “It was alright!”

What I will say about Saw 3, is that is was not as scary as I thought it would be. There are some gruesome moments, the one that particularly got me was where this man had all of his limbs twisted.

Overall, the plot wasn’t particularly confusing, there was a few flash back moments to scenes from the previous two movies. Even though this was the first Saw movie I have watched, I didn’t feel lost, like I had to have watched the first two, just to “get with it” and know what was happening.

Most of the loose ends are brought together quite neatly at the end, and questions like “Why were those people picked?” and “Who is playing the Game?” is answered at the end.
The only question left unanswered is “What about the daughter?”. There is a hint as to what has happened to her, but otherwise it is left up to the watcher to answer that one!

Who knows, maybe there might be a Saw 4 after all!

My verdict, if you are squeamish take a bucket and sit next to the exit, other than that its an interesting, but a gory and scary, film to watch!

Wheres the photos?

Where are the photos?

I am working on it!

The photos are not as good quality as I had hoped they would be, as I was taking the pictures through a metal fence, the camera was focusing on the wires and not what was behind it.

So by resizing the photos, not only will the file size decrease, but hopefully the quality of the photos should improve a little.
I have 72 photos to resize. Then I have to pick the best ones.

And I have to do that between working, and sleeping! Not an easy task!

Off to work now, bye

Truck Racing @ Brands Hatch

You ain’t seen racing ’til you’ve seen trucks racing!

Took my car. Left home about 7:20am. Started off doing 70, which increased to 80 when we still had two hours to get to Brands Hatch, and we were still about 100 miles away.
Dad drove on the way down there. The journey to Brands Hatch used just under half a tank of petrol.

We arrived just at 10am. The racing had already started, but the truck racing was not on until after lunch.

The first race of the day was Legends racing, you may remember that from the last time.

Pickup racing was on after that, then Formula Renault, and then another Legends race.
With a slight change to the timetable the first Truck race started just after 12noon, after the second Legends race.

After lunch, 1pm, the Touring cars race started. After that the final Lengends race was ran.
The Pickups then ran again. And the final race of the day was the final Truck race.

This race was closer than the first race, with more contact. One of the trucks lost a part of its body work, and the other trucks was running over it.

At one point there was three trucks abreast going up the hill, one of them was partly on the grass and he must of been very close to the barriers because he suddenly backed off.

Towards the end of the race one of the trucks came out of the straight sideways and went into the wall. At that time I was taking a photo of some other trucks, but you can see it sliding across the gravel at the top of the photo.

The trucks weren’t as tall as I expected them to be, they were a bit shorter than “normal” road going trucks.
At the end of the day most of the trucks that was parked along the track were allowed onto the track and did two circuits. They weren’t racing, it was a truck parade! But there must of been at least 50 trucks on the circuit.

It wasn’t just the tractor units, there was several box lorries, two flat bed lorries, one of them with a load of blocks on the back, and a transit van! There was also a couple of the racing trucks on the circuit at the same time.

I took about 70 photos.

I drove some of the way home to Bagshot where we stopped at a harvester for dinner.

I was feeling tired so dad took over the driving. Which was lucky because towards the end of the journey I was begining to fall asleep.

On the way back dad stuck to 60 because there was this squeaking noise coming from somewhere and dad thought it could be the wheel bearing.

We left the harvester about 8:15pm, and we got home at 10:30pm

Poor old car! She did 320 miles in a day. And there is still a quarter of a tank of petrol left!

Well, that was my day at Brands hatch.

I will upload the photos tomorrow (Tuesday), and link to them.

If you notice any spelling mistakes, I’m sorry, the dictionary sometimes works, and sometimes doesn’t. At the moment it is saying it is not compatible with Firefox 2!