I’m back!

I am!

The weather was better this year, thou we did have a couple of rainy nights, and we did get a rainy day or two during the last week.

We ended up spending two nights in Spain. It was the second night that we had a thunder storm. it only lasted about 2 or 3 hours, but before that we could see lightening lighting up the sky, but we couldn’t hear the thunder.
Spain was also the hottest part of the holiday, we passed a garage and the sign said that the temperature was 40C.

We then traveled across France towards the Mediterranean, and stayed in a campsite near Montpelier. We then started to head north, crossed the Millau Viaduct.
Then we went back to the west coast to Bordeaux, and then travelled further north into Brittany, where it got a bit cooler.
We then headed towards the north coast of Brittany to a campsite that we visited last year. We stayed for 4 nights.
On the Saturday we moved to a campsite that was just 15 minutes from the ferry port in Roscoff.

I’ll post more about the holiday during the next few weeks, and I will find some links to the campsites that we visited.

More later.

Just a Quick Post

This is just a quick post to say good bye, and see you in two weeks.

We are very close to going, just need to check the traffic along the motorways, and that is it!
We are off for two weeks.

See ya

Getting ready for hols…

Yep, its that time of the year again!
On Sunday evening, me and dad set sail to Santander from Plymouth. It will be a 20 hour crossing, and we will get to Santander about 12noon on Monday.
That will be the start of our two week camping holiday in France.

Yes, I know that Santander is in Spain, but we will only be staying one night in Spain.

This past week has been hectic for dad as he has been getting the car ready for the holiday. He has changed the air, oil, and petrol (its actually a diesel car!) filter, and has replaced the radiator.
The only thing that hasn’t been sorted is the rear suspension, which sinks down if anything heavier than a wet tissue is placed in the boot.

He has also got some stuff down from the attic.
Meanwhile….I have been carrying as normal. I have dug out last years Euros (€72.91) and have brought extra Euros (so has dad).

If I don’t post again before leaving,
See you in two weeks.

An Update

Well, its July 7, one year after the London bombing. I unfortunately missed the two minutes silence at noon.

In other news mum and my sister went off on their holidays on Saturday (1st July) leaving just me and dad on our own.
That weekend and Monday and Tuesday were hot, with the temperature reaching 30C (about 86F).
I have my computer lying on its side with the (other) side off just to get some cool air circulating. On Monday I had a fan pointing at it, and when I moved the fan away it froze. Since, I haven’t had any problems with it freezing.

Wednesday it was drizzling, and during the night it absolutely pissed down. During Thursday it was raining in the morning, and by the evening it was beginning to dry out.
The ford in Henbury was flooded, and nearly went up to the entrance of Crow Lane.
The bottom deck of the bus got flooded out.

On Sunday evening I drove on my own for the first time!
I went down to Clevedon via the A370 to Congresbury, then the B3133 to Clevedon.
I came back by the motorway.

I think that is all