Driving – Seventh Lesson

Ive done seven lessons already!!! Thats 14 hours of driving, and I’m getting better.
Drove away from the house, and onto the Portway, and it was nice! My driving instructor said that he enjoyed it!

I reversed around a left corner three times, that was fun, I don’t think I hit the kerb, or the pavement, and I don’t think that i swung out too far.

Also did a bit more practicing emergency stops, four of them as a matter of fact.
On the third stop, the car skidded, and there was a little bit of smoke drift past the front of the car.
On the second circuit i saw the tyre marks left on the road, and they were going of to the side of the road.
Also practiced turns in the road

More next week

Driving – Sixth Lesson

Did more turns in the road, and this time they were all completed in three manoeuvres – and I did not stall on one of them (at least I don’t think I did! I might of once or twice though)

This time I did get up to 50mph, but i stayed in fourth gear – maybe next time!

This lesson i just drove around, practiced holding the car on the clutch on a hill, and just letting the car roll forwards and back bringing it to a standstill

More next week
Stayed tuned!

Driving – Fifth Lesson

I drove away from the house.
Went in the opposite direction to the one that we normal take, so we went onto the Portway (a4) instead of through Shire.
I nearly got up to 50mph (80km/h), I think it was closer to 47/48mph (75/77km/h), but I stayed in fourth gear – should of gone up to fifth – then i would of hit 50!

I did a couple of “turns in the road” (aka 3 point turn), practicing clutch control, and quick steering, and moving slow
Practiced a bit of emergency stopping, i wasn’t braking hard enough!

Number of times stalled: lost count! Not really, just couldn’t be bothered to count them! (less than 6! 😉

Style Sheet Switcher

I have implemented a style sheet switcher called UDASSS into my website
What this little gem does is set a cookie so that when the style sheet is changed all of the other pages use the same style sheet.

The change only happens when the alternate style is chosen from the Change Style page

On one of the alternate styles, there is a couple of areas that don’t have styles, but I am working on them, and will update the style sheets when I have finished.

This feature is no longer available!

Driving – Fourth Lesson

I drove home!!!!!! 😀

Erm…cant really say much about the rest, it was just driving around, practicing more junctions.
Got up into fourth a couple of times, max speed 30mph (just over shh 😉 )
Didn’t stall going through Shire, which was good (phew!)
But i did get a little mixed up turning left at the traffic lights (stalled! oops)
Did too much steering pulling up in front of the house (oops)

Oh well
I’m improving
Driving away from home next week 😮